About Us

Mitten Reptiles founder holding beautiful pet snake. Mitten Reptiles was founded by Jan Zuidveld in early 2017 with one goal in mind: providing customers with high quality, captive-bred reptiles at a fair price.  All of our animals are humanely raised. We provide friendly, knowledgeable support to all of our customers from start to finish, taking pride in knowing that our animals start in a good home and end up in one as well. 

Raising reptiles is more than just a job to us; it’s our passion. From a young age Jan was fascinated with animals and the great outdoors. Reptiles always held a special place in his heart, and he began to work extensively with them, mentoring with experts whenever possible.  From his home in Chelsea, Michigan he spent as much time outside as he could. Hiking, camping, and learning about the local wildlife were daily occurrences. This never changed as he aged and started gaining more and more experience in professional animal handling fields.

Jan spent four years as Head Zookeeper at a local reptile zoo.  He gained priceless experience raising, handling, and caring for a wide variety of animals.  The chance to work closely with rare reptiles and a great team of staff was fantastic. When the opportunity to work with nearby animal shelters presented itself, Jan didn't hesitate to jump on board.  Working in the cruelty rescue department, he oversaw recovery and relocation of injured wildlife, and aiding in their rehabilitation.

Throughout his working life, Jan has continued raising reptiles in his personal time.  He fosters personal relationships with other breeders, and runs educational programs about the animals he keeps.  To Jan nothing is more gratifying than sharing with others the joy he experiences raising reptiles.  Mitten Reptiles is the way to do just that. With an ever expanding collection of reptiles available, and a focus on our customers from start to finish, Mitten Reptiles is the best place for you to find your new exotic pet!